The whole universe is said to be based on the five basic elements of nature among those fire is considered to be an element of purification and hence in our Hindu rituals, we worship fire in many ways. One of the major ways in which we present our prayers to the Lord is through conducting Havans or also popularly known as Yagya . It is believed that these Havans bring good vibes to our homes or workplaces and gives bad things a door to exit. Therefore there are various events when it is believed that conducting Yagyas brings goodwill to the family and these events can vary from a birthday , wedding ceremony , property purchase, death purification to bring in good health.


Laghu Rudra Pooja

Lord Shiva is believed to be the Greatest Lord who is said to be the destroyer of evil and negativity. We worship Lord Shiva in his various avatar but “Rudra” is considered to be his fiercest avatar.While there can be various events when you would seek the blessings of Lord Shiva but some of them are as follows:-
• Blessings for good health.
• To get a suitable partner for life.
• To sort out financial issues.
• To get rid of the malefic effects of the Moon or the nine planets.


Sat Chandi Paath Pooja & Yagya

Chandi path is believed to be the most powerful script in Hindu beliefs . Sat Chandi path pooja is performed to send our prayers to the divine goddess Maa Durga to bring prosperity and good health.The impact of this pooja may vary according to the number of times the mantras are chanted.There can be various reasons for this pooja to be done which may include financial debts, witchcraft shadow,any obstacles /DOSHAS


Grah Shanti Pooja/Yagya

If you are in the search of peace and harmony at your homethen this pooja is perfect solution for your happiness. The name itself helps you to understand the importance of the pooja. It includes the worship of the nine planets in the universe in order to seek theri blessings for our family and home.The main aim of the auspicious pooja is eliminate the shadow of the planet that may be hampering your happiness in your horoscope . Grah Shaanti Pooja can be performed as many times as you want but if you are buying a new office or a home then this pooja is a must thing.


Navchandi Yagna Pooja

Navchandi Yagna Pooja is a holy sacrificial pooja in Hindus to worship the nine avatars of the Divine mother that runs the universe with her divine powers – MAA DURGA. Chanting of Saptashati mantras will help you to get rid of the sufferings and pain. This auspicious event can be held during any time of the year , it will help you to overcome any fear of death , will help you to lead a prosperous life , gain name and fame and much more.