Wedding Puja


Engagement Puja

Engagement puja is done prior to the Vivah Puja to bring a deeper and loving understanding between the couple and their families. This Puja understands the placement and displacement of various planets and their effects on the couple and their marriage (KUNDLI MATCH). Engagement Puja is organized to get the blessings of all the Gods and Goddesses. It is also known as Ring Ceremony because the couple exchanges rings. Other names for engagement puja include sagai, roka, chunni, Nishchitartham, mangni, kurmai etc.
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Vivah Puja

Wedding are referred to be very essential part of our Indian Culture. It unites two people together in an inseparable bond. It is a celebration in itself as people take months to plan a wedding. Many Gods and Goddesses are invited through various rituals to come and bless the couple. Marriages are considered to be set in heaven but it is done through a Vivah Puja where Fire is the witness to this sacred Union.
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Ganesh Puja

Lord Ganesh, the most divine spirit of the universe, is worshipped with the utmost devotion before starting any new work. Lord Ganesha is the vighnaharta, the destroyer of the evils or simply the one who removes troubles, obstacles from your life. Ganesh puja is essentially the most important ritual in every Hindu family to be blessed with success and overcome obstacles. It is considered to bring a good fortune in one’s life and also to gain knowledge and wisdom.
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