Pujas For Shravan & Shivratri


Rudrabhishek Puja

Lord shiva is also known as ‘Rudra’. Rudrabhishek puja involves a puja with all rituals for the rudra avatar of lord shiva. This puja is to attain peace and fulfilment. This rudra puja helps in converting the negative energy otno the positive ones. The holiest month for performing this puja is the month of shravan. One can wear rudraksh mala during the puja. Many mantras and hymns are chanted during this puja. The Mondays of ‘shravan’ are more auspicious for the devotees of lord shiva. Many people keep fast on these mondays . The name comes out from the name of lord shiva i.e. somnath. This puja give success in education, career and job. Also helps in eliminating all the financial problems.
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Laghu Rudra Puja with Havan

The LaghuRudra puja involves the chanting the names of ‘Lord Shiva’. By chanting all these names one can get rid of all the problems and gets benefits in all areas of life. If one is going through a particular problem then it is a beneficial puja and is a good solution to it. The month of sharavan is the best holy month for this puja. The Mondays are penultimate of this month. The mantras to chant during this puja are ganesh mantra, surya mantra, Chandra mantra, mangal mantra, budhha mantra, shukra mantra, shani mantra, rahu mantra, ketu mantra, gayatri mantra, mahamritunjaya mantra, shreerudram. We can do this puja to remove all the obstacles from our lives.
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Shiv Puja

Lord shiva is one of the supreme god of Hinduism. Shiv puja is performed to seek blessings from lord shiva. Shiv puja finds its presence in old hindu texts and sacred vedas. Worshipping shiva relieves us from the worldly ties and miseries. This puja bestows all professional success, brings harmony in marriages, courage to bear, to overcome difficulties in life and happiness in general. The universal shiv mantra is “Om namahshivay”. This mantra is to uplift spirit and purify one’s mind. Shiv mantra surrounds you with all the positive energy.
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Mahashivratri Puja

Most of the people observe fast on Mahashivratri. Shivratri puja has been given tremendous significance in Hinduism. Devotees visit shiva temple during Shivratri. This day falls on the 14th day of Krishna paksh during falgun month. Rudrabhishek can be done during this puja as it bestows victory against the enemies. This puja is performe as per the muhurat given by the pandits. It is extremely beneficial for the young girls who can keep this fast to pray for the good life partner. Mahashivratri is considered as a festival in india.
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Maha Mritunjaya Puja

The best way to keep ourselves away from health issues, illness is to do Mahamritunjayajaap. The meaning of mahamritunjaya is great death conqueror. Here ‘maha’ means great, ‘mritun’ means death and ‘jaya’ means victory. This mantra is belived to be life restoring mantra. This mantra is mentioned in Yajur and Atharvaveda. This mantra’s jaap can be done even without any muhurat as it’s very beautiful mantra. Many people do longer jaap in Monday morinings. This mantra is very much beneficial for the physical, emotional and mental health.
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