Pujas For Janmashtami


Krishna Puja

Lord Krishna is worshipped to bring happiness and attain moksha. This puja is done during the famous festival ‘Janamashtmi’.Janamashtmi festival is celebrate as the birth of lord Krishna. It is celebrated with great pomp and show. People perform Krishna puja to get rid of negative enrgies, evil and enemies. One can attain peace, harmony and happiness in one’s life. Krishna is also named as gopal, kanhaiya ,nandkishore etc.
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Vishnu Sahasranama Puja

Sahasranama puja is done to worship ‘Lord Vishnu’. Vishnu saharanama is a part of ‘Mahabharat’. Performing this puja inculcates wellbeing in one’s life and removes the eyes of a bad evil. There is no specific occasion to do this puja, it can be done any time. People can do fast while doing this puja and recite ‘beej mantra’. This puja makes way for a healthy body, mind and soul.
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