Pujas For Diwali


Dhanteras Puja

Diwali festival starts on Dhanteras. It falls on the thirteenth day of the month kartik. Dhanteras is considered as a festival in which we worship Maa Lakshmi. Maa Lakshmi is known for bestowing wealth and prosperity on us. Dhanteras puja involves worshipping lord ganesha, lord kuber and lord Lakshmi. This puja is performed during Diwali on the trayodashi. This puja is performed as per muhurat. This puja gives us blessings for long and fulfilling life.
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Laxmi Puja

Goddess Lakshmi gets her name from the Sanskrit word ‘Lakshya’ means ‘goal’. She is the goddess of wealth, good fortune and wealth. Lakshmi puja is Maadone on Diwali night. Maa Lakshmi is also worshpped in Navratris as MaaDurga. One can keep fast on every Friday to seek her blessings and good fortune. The shubhmuhurat to worship her is mainly Diwali and Navratri festival. She is also referred as ‘paramprahruti’. To welcome the goddess, the devotees clean their houses, decorate them with lights, candles and prepare sweet dishes as offerings. With pomp and ceremony Lakshmi is invited by the devotees to their homes.
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Ganesh Puja

Worshipping ganesha brings good fortune in one’s life. He is the elephant-headed god. Lord Ganesha is one of the most lovable god of hindu religion especially for children. Ganesha is the god of wisdom and prosperity. It is considered auspicious worshipping ganesha before any occasion or work. He is also known byEkdanta, heramba(obstacles remover), lambodara and many other names. There are many mantras of ganesha to chant over.
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Satyanarayan Puja

Satyanarayan is another calmer avatar of lord Vishnu. This puja is totally incomplete without sataynarayankatha. The auspicious months to do this puja is kartik and vaishakha. This can be performed when you wish to achieve something in life.
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Kuber Puja

Lord kuber is known as the ‘Lord of wealth’. Also known as ‘Dhanpati’. By worshipping lord kuber devotes are blessed with richness and success in their work. Kuber puja is mostly done during the Diwali puja. This puja helps you to get rid of financial debts and helps to grow new ventures. Except the Diwali, Tuesdays and Fridays are the best days to worship lord kuber.
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